2003 - Establishment;

2004 - Formation of a R&D team, producing the recombinant antigen of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and the PRRSV ELISA test kit;

2005 - Over 10 kinds of Animal disease ELISA kits successfully developed for sale;

2006 - Firstly production of nitrofuran ELISA test kit(4 in 1), entering the field of food safety detection;

2007 - Accredited as ISO9001 certification and Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise;

2008 - Starting to map out international markets and forming a long-term friendly cooperation with the FDA, FAO and others;

2009 - Over 20 veterinary drug residue detection kits have been created to address the issue of veterinary medication residues in aquaculture, making them the market leader in their own country.

2010 - Setup of the first colloidal gold production line for the production of clenbuterol rapid test kit;

2011 - Relocation to National Biological Industrial Park of Marinellite, and build-up of the first workshop with immunity GMP standard;

2012 - Formation of an immunology R&D center for study of small molecule antigens and antibodies;

2013 - Awarded as National Hi-Tech Enterprise;

2014 - Medical Device Manufacturing License approved, entering the IVD field and obtaining the silver medal for innovation achievements;

2015 - High-level talents have started a new chapter after the organization was awarded the post-doctoral innovation practice base in Shenzhen. The dry fluorescent immunoassay obtained the first domestic registration certificate for medical equipment;

2016 - Accredited as 3A enterprise (Highest credit rating) and innovative SME filing certificate;

2017 - Obtained 3 in vitro diagnostic reagent registration certificates issued by China FDA;

2018 - Formation of a Dongguan branch, focusing on the R&D of rapid detection reagents for pesticide residues;

2019 - Together with Guangdong University of Technology, Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Research Institute (the leading unit), jointly participating in the Guangdong key project "New Target Mining and Detection Chip for Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganism Detection";

2020 - Passing the ISO 13485:2016 certification, developing and industrializing the COVID-19 IgM/IgG antibody rapid test kit, obtaining CE, Anvisa and other certifications;

2021 - Obtaining registration certificates from European Union, Thailand and Malaysia for Covid-19 antigen detection kit. Ranking No.1 in sensitivity among the 122 brands tested by PEI and becoming a best-selling product in Germany. Rated as a specialized SME in Guangdong Province with the veterinary drug GMP certificate; It has been be in great demand in many overseas countries;

2022 - Rated as the national specialized "little giant" enterprise, and acquired Shenzhen BIOCUP Biotech Co.,Ltd, a well-known enterprise in the field of allergen detection.


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